Jenna Imergoot

Jenna Imergoot, Founder and President

Jenna Imergoot is the Founder and President of BreakDown STL. She started BreakDown STL in 2006 after realizing her vision to make a positive impact on the current youth culture. Jenna’s past experiences of being a professional dancer gave her the opportunity to work on several professional sets, which gave her the artistic background needed to make BreakDown STL a successful team. Additionally, she has 20+ years of experience in working with teens as a high school coach and youth leader. Jenna is thrilled to combine her gifts, life experiences, and enthusiasm for the youth in this capacity. Her passion is to inspire, grow and encourage young people to strive for excellence as they pursue their goals in life. Her desire is to share TRUTH with young people so they are better equipped to make healthy life choices that will shape their character, integrity and self worth.



Kate Sickles

Kate Sickles, Program Manager

Kate Sickles is the Offstage Program Manager for BreakDown STL. She is an experienced and compassionate mentor leader with a history of driving organizational growth through strategic planning and marketing, expanding fundraising participation and revenue, and counseling youth and families. She and her husband have spent 20+ years coaching, mentoring and encouraging teens and young adults, including four of their own. She is passionate about inspiring teens and young adults to realize their God-given gifts and talents to reach beyond themselves, and make a difference in the lives of every person they encounter each day, and develop into mentors for those younger individuals who are following in their steps. She is excited to be part of an organization that believes in the unlimited potential of youth and their ability to make a positive impact in the world.



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Kate Sickles

Program Manager

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Jenna ImergootFounder/President

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