What Can I Do to help?


Shop for a Cause

Come shop with Rafael at Rafael Diamonds & Design Center for the holidays & throughout the year! Mention BreakDown STL, and a portion of your sale will go directly to their programs and helping our local teens in need. Read More…

Help Support BreakDown STL

There are many ways to support Breakdown STL. Sponsor a  presentation, help support an event, or hold a fundraiser where all or a percentage of the proceeds go to BreakDown STL. Email Kate Sickles for more information at kate.sickles@breakdownstl.org

Volunteer For BreakDown STL

Looking for something to do? BreakDown STL is always looking for volunteers. What are your gifts? Do you like to file? Do you like to help organize fundraisers? E-mail info@breakdownstl.org

Become a Member of our Advancement Committee

BreakDown STL is looking for the movers and shakers in the community to join our Advancement Committee – If you are interested in getting involved with an organization that is changing lives, Email  at jenna.imergoot@breakdownstl.org


Become a BreakDown STL supporter…

BreakDown STL would like to recognize the following Corporate, Business and Foundation Partners:


What is the cost of bringing the BreakDown STL OnStage presentation to a school, organization or church?

The cost of the BreakDown STL OnStage presentation is $3,000. However, it was laid on our founder’s heart from the beginning to bring our program(s) at NO COST to the school, organization, or church. She never wanted money to prevent even one student from having the opportunity to hear the BreakDown message. As a result, we rely on the generous donations of individuals and corporations to cover the cost. We do accept donations from schools, organizations  and churches to help off-set the cost.

What is the appropriate age to see a BreakDown presentation?

We are aware from experience that many students start engaging in risky behaviors in middle school. Therefore, we feel strongly that middle school students on up should see the BreakDown STL presentation. One of the most common statements we hear from high school students is, “I wish I would have seen BreakDown STL in middle school before I _________”. Fill in the blank of any one of many poor choices a young person can make.

How do I book a presentation?

Contact us at info@breakdownstl.org to find out our current availability.

Is it possible to see a presentation prior to booking?

Absolutely. You may attend a school or church presentation as our guest. To reserve your spot on our guest list contact info@breakdownstl.org.

What is the best venue for your presentation?

Although theater presentations are ideal, we can do presentations in a gym, hall, or any location large enough.

Do you provide all the technical equipment?

We do have our own tech equipment, however, sometimes it proves to be best to utilize or supplement with “in house” equipment.

Besides booking the presentation and providing a venue, does the school, organization, or church have any other responsibilities?

If we are new to your facility, we will schedule a site visit prior to the presentation. We will provide you with a contract that you will need to sign and return, an opt out letter, should you choose to utilize it, and surveys that will need to be filled out by the students prior to, and following the presentation, and then returned to us.

It is also ideal to have someone on hand that oversees your tech (Theater Director, Technical Director, or Custodian) to answer any questions that may arise.

What is the set-up and tear-down time for a presentation?

Typically with school presentations we set up the afternoon/evening prior to the presentation and run a tech rehearsal through the evening to work through any technical needs that might be unique to your venue. Specific times will be worked out with each school. Set up and rehearsal times for conventions and churches vary and will be worked out with our president during the booking process. Tear down takes approximately one hour following a presentation.

How many presentations can you do in a month/year?


Since our cast and crew is primarily made up of high school students, we can only take one day per month to present in the schools during school hours. We can, however, do up to three presentations in one day at a school to ensure seeing all students.


We are also available to do as many presentations as our schedule will allow in the evening and on weekends at conventions, churches, or community events.

How can I go about having the BreakDown STL OffStage follow-up program in my school?

We are looking to expand our highly successful piloted follow up program, BreakDown STL OffStage. Please contact us at info@breakdownstl.org for more information.

How do you become a BreakDown STL OnStage or OffStage team member?

High school and college students may audition annually to be a BreakDown STL team member. We are seeking talented, passionate student leaders. Availability varies year to year for our drama and dance teams, stage and tech crew, and peer mentors. Selected students are required to make a one year commitment. Auditions are held in April and May for the following year’s team.

What are the cost and responsibilities of being a BreakDown STL Team Member?


There is an annual team fee of $125.00 which covers incidentals throughout the year. Team shirts will also be required for all team members. Dance items vary from year to year, but are kept to a minimum. We also attend a National BreakDown conference each summer. The cost varies, but again is kept to a minimum. Some students choose to fundraise for their conference cost and other families choose to pay the full amount. For more information about this year’s conference contact jenna.immergoot@breakdownstl.org.



BreakDown STL team members are expected to uphold a level of integrity in his or her life which is compliant with the goals and values of the organization. Members should not engage in sexual activity, the consumption of alcohol, the use of recreational drugs, or any other questionable actions as these could compromise the strength and credibility of the organization’s message. In addition we expect that each team member conduct his or her life in a way that deserves respect by both his or her peers and the adults in his or her life.

Team members are expected to be cooperative, respectful, and have a positive attitude toward team members and leaders. Likewise, team members are expected to reach out, avoid cliques and gossip, and set an example of leadership and integrity to their peers in their schools, communities, and on the internet.


During the summer, rehearsals are scheduled around team members schedules and are held at various teams and locations.

Throughout the school year, rehearsals are held on Sundays, from 2:00 – 5:00 pm at Stages in Chesterfield, MO. As the year and skill level of the team progresses, the number of rehearsals per month decreases.

As a member of the team, it is assumed that you will attend all practices, tech rehearsals and performances.