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Tori’s Story 

“I think it is important for all teens to see BreakDown STL. I am 17 and have a 1 year old daughter. I was previously in an unhealthy relationship with my baby’s father. After giving birth I struggled with depression and I ended up overdosing on prescription pills. By seeing BreakDown STL I learned that I’m not alone and no matter what my past looks like it doesn’t have to affect who I am and what my future can be. I also learned that I have to make decisions for myself and just because my friends drink and do drugs doesn’t mean I have to. If they don’t want to be my friend because I won’t do drugs or drink…they were never true friends to begin with. The BreakDown OffStage follow up program has also helped me a lot. I can relate with all the topics we discuss and am now open to share because I don’t want my friends and peers to be afraid to ask for help. My life has turned around and on September 19th, my daughters 1st birthday I was sworn into the Illinois National Guard. I will ship in July for 20 weeks to be trained to be a 74 delta chemical operations specialist. Thank you BreakDown STL so much for all you do!”

STL TV Live Interview

BreakDown STL Founder and President Jenna Imergoot and Hillsboro High School Student, Tori Myers were interviewed by STL TV Live host Sarah Bernard on October 24, 2013.



“The BreakDown STL presentation was absolutely the best thing I’ve ever seen as far as prevention programs go and I’ve seen a lot!”

“BreakDown STL was absolutely amazing and, quite possibly, the best assembly we have brought to North High in my 12 years here. There were things that I saw and heard that were, quite frankly, hard to see and hear, but they were necessary to make the content relevant and meaningful for our students. MANY of our students were impacted the way that we would hope that they will be. I can only hope that my own 13 year old daughter has the opportunity to see a production out in the future.”

“BreakDown St. Louis really approached some tough issues with a sense of reality and purpose. Our students related to the honest, fact-forward, student-centered skits and testimonials from your members, causing many to take an honest look into their own views and beliefs about sex, love and relationships.”

“BreakDown STL is absolutely dynamic and will reach youth in a powerful way! Its abstinence-based message through drama, dance and multi-media provides students with information and real-life scenarios that will cause them to think seriously about the choices they make. It’s fast-paced and hard-hitting. A must-see for youth across the country!”

“The message (of BreakDown) is powerful and effective. Teens can relate to the sexual tension created in the performance because of the reality of this in their lives and the lives of their friends. The importance of “purity” is a message that is clearly delivered.”

“Kids feel the peer pressure of everyone’s “doing it” and BreakDown STL directly challenged that with encouragement, warnings and statistics. They were also able to see their peers as role models and reinforcement for abstinence leaving them with the thought “If they can do it, so can I.”

“The BreakDown St. Louis presentation was very effective with our 8th grade students. Our students related to the presenters and to their message. This was a powerful means of sharing truth about sex, love, relationships and making bad choices.”

“Talk about impacting kids in a very positive, proactive way! An action-packed, humorous, thoughtful, visually exciting, reality-based production that entertains while imparting a powerful message that resonates with all teens who live in today’s world. Knowledge is power and this program helps to empower our teens with skills they can use daily to protect themselves in ways that are user-friendly and effective. If this program hasn’t been to your school yet, book it today! It’s worth it!”



“I attended the production at Ft. Zumwalt North and I have to tell you I was completely blown away by what I saw.So much of my job is cleaning up after the mess left behind by poor decisions made by our kids. You guys are making an impact and reaching kids in a very real, cool, non-judgmental hip kinda way. As a police officer, thank you! You make our job easier and I consider you part of the TEAM! As a father of 3, GOD BLESS YOUR FLIPPING SOCKS OFF! Keep it up, and encourage the extremely talented kids you are working with. They are making a HUGE difference!”

“…It is a hard-hitting, gut-wrenching, brutally honest presentation targeted to teenagers, that warns of the life-changing consequences of bad decisions, while extolling the virtues and rewards of good ones. There is nothing watered down, or sugar-coated in this production which covers all of the relevant, hot-button, life-impacting issues teens face…Attending Breakdown St. Louis, and I’m not exaggerating, could be the most important, life-changing 90 minutes my kids spend in their entire four years of high school.”

“Words cannot express how grateful I am that BreakDown STL was invited to Westminster Christian Academy. I am grateful because my son, my nephew and so many kids that I know and love were in the audience to hear the awesome message that BreakDown STL delivers. The message that abstinence is so cool and so freeing and that STD’s are so uncool and scarey. The message of hope that it’s not too late for any student to start over, if they have given in to temptation. The message that real men wait and that it’s worth the wait. And that young women are beautiful and worthy of a man that will love them enough not to pressure them. I know our students are not hearing this message enough! Thank you for allowing them to hear it! Thank you so much!!!”

“I attended your BreakDown performance and it was absolutely INCREDIBLE! It brought tears to my eyes several times. I am confident that your efforts are going to change lives. I am so grateful that my child was in the audience to hear this important message. Keep up the great work!”

“Wow! And WOW! What a powerful, hopeful, empathic message to teens in all circumstances. The talented performers gave a surprising glance into the confusing messages and flat out lies bombarding our young people today. This production speaks to THEM right where they are–no sugar added. Thank God for the talent and passion of Jenna and her team to take on such a challenge, and do it so well!”


“I lost a friend to suicide and ever since I’ve struggled with taking my own life. Thanks for making me realize suicide isn’t the answer.”

“Everyone, even adults say all teenagers drink so I didn’t think it was that bad. I went to a party and was drinking and some people starting taking some pills so I tried it and that was the night I lost my virginity. I’ve blamed myself because if I wasn’t drinking, I probably wouldn’t have taken the pills and would of had more control over my decisions. I have daily relived that night and wished I would have done things differently. I’m thankful for BreakDown for understanding and giving me hope for my future.”

“A lot of people called me gay because I hadn’t had sex so I got with a girl and got her drunk so she would have sex with me. I have lived with the guilt of using her and hurting her for my benefit. If I could take it back I would, but I can’t. BreakDown STL made decide that I need to stand up for my beliefs and not be pressured to do things or be someone I’m not.”

“I finally made the decision to break up with my abusive boyfriend for good after seeing the BreakDown STL presentation.”

“I never felt like I fit in so I began purging and self-harming to cope with my depression. I have been in a vicious cycle to self-abuse and denial. Seeing the BreakDown STL presentation got to me. For the first time I realized that I needed help and there were people in world that cared about me.” ”

“I starting drinking because all the older football players did. I wanted to fit in and be accepted by the guys. All we do on the weekends is party and get with girls. Everyone else seems cool with it but I don’t. You have given me the courage to stop and stand up for what I believe.”

“The date rape scene really affected me because I felt like you wrote it about my life. It was hard to watch, but I’m glad you are bringing up a real issue that we need to be talking about more. Thanks for reminding me it wasn’t my fault.”

“The presentation affected me positively, because it showed me that teens can start over and renew themselves from their mistakes. So I have decided to start over with my life and forget the mistakes I’ve made. I could relate to the suicide scene because I’ve written suicide letters, I’m 13. I felt so alone, and your presentation showed me that I wasn’t alone at all and that suicide really isn’t the answer. BreakDown STL gave me even more strength to stay positive and happy and look forward to the life ahead of me.”

“People have picked on me since middle school. A lot of people call me gay and other names. No one sticks up for me and I just want to give up on everything. I think about suicide every day because I just want it to stop. When I saw BreakDown STL it made me think that there are good people out there, people that care and that would and do stick up for people like me. That helped me and also made me want to help other kids who are getting bullied just like me. Thanks, keep it up.”

“I had no idea what I was in for and that BreakDown STL would make a difference in my life. I could personally relate to the date rape (scene)rumors that followed and resorting to cutting. I have written several suicide letters very similar to the one in the play. Although it’s hard to face dealing with the pain I think it’s the beginning of a lot of healing. Thank you for making an unexpected difference in my life.”

“I can’t say enough about BreakDown! The performance was real, entertaining, challenging, encouraging and informative. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulder and I don’t have to be pressured by EVERYONE that “Everyone’s doing it” because they’re not and you have a whole amazing, talented team of students to prove it. I can’t thank you enough for coming to our school. You guys are AWESOME!!!”

“Thank you for the AMAZING performance that you guys gave at our school. It really impacted the kids and they really enjoyed it. Having been in a Christian school all my life, I have heard this stuff so much it really gets tiring. But BreakDown STL is so different than anything people have seen before that it really does make an impact!!! Thanks so much for your time and for your message! I really loved it!”

“I had no idea that some of the stuff that my friends and I do have such consequences. Even though it’s scary to hear, I’m glad that you told us the truth. Thanks for being open and honest!”

“I have made a lot of mistakes! Your program, personal stories and speakers gave me hope that I can start over. Thank you!”

“I wish I could go back in my life and make different decisions. This presentation made me cry thinking about all the stupid mistakes that I have made. I have a STD that I will have for the rest of my life. I hope other teens learn from you and don’t have to go through what I have gone through. Thanks for being real and caring about us to tell us this stuff!”

“It made me feel better about myself, made me feel better about not having sex and that I am worth the wait. I’m standing strong on the fact that I don’t have to put myself out just to get a boy’s attention. I want to stay pure for my husband. I learned that if a guy can’t wait on me then he is just no good for me. Thanks so much for encouraging me. I loved it! ”

“Most people drink, do drugs and have sex under peer pressure to become popular and feel good about themselves. This taught me not to fall under peer pressure because things you do now effect your future.”

“All the stuff you talked about goes on in my school. The statistics given were eye opening. You really showed that your past will soon catch up with you. The presentation made me question everything and have second thoughts about all my choices. It was great!”

“BreakDown STL made me think about my future and my decisions. Yes, I will wait until marriage. That was the best assembly I ever saw in my life!”

“Honestly, I thought there were no dangers to oral sex. The presentation made me think about my choices and future and realize if I choose to have sex, I can get pregnant or an STD. I want to make a smart choice and practice sexual abstinence. ”

“BreakDown STL reinforced what I already believe! The statistics showed me much more information than I ever knew. It just proves more how abstinence is better. The presentation was awesome!”

“It really made an impact on me because it made sense to me and made me choose wiser choices when it comes to relationships and sex. The way you did it got to my head easy like, through fun and understanding.”

“If I could change anything it would be losing my virginity. I have more knowledge now and I’m definitely going to make better decisions. Because of BreakDown STL presentation I will start to practice sexual abstinence because I want to be healthy and to do what’s right in God’s eyes.”

“I have changed because of the BreakDown STL presentation. I thought sex was cool and basically in, but it’s not all that cute. I wish I did not have sex for the first time. If I could go back I wouldn’t have sex. I also learned that even if you wear a condom you can still get a STD or get pregnant. I am not going to have sex anymore because I do not want to get any disease or pregnant. You did a great job!!!”

“The presentation caused me to think about how a lot of people suffered because of the decisions they have made. I am not going to have sex because I realized that relationships and life become very distorted and complicated when being sexually active.”

“I’ve heard this all before, but somehow seeing all this information in the way you related it made a connection with me. Thank you for making BreakDown STL so relevant to teenagers.”

“Everyone knows that choices have consequences, but I didn’t think about how many choices have long term consequences before now. I don’t want some mistake I make now to affect me 20 years from now. I will definitely be thinking through and changing a lot of what I do.”

“This really makes me realize that drinking and doing weed isn’t as cool as I thought it was. I also didn’t think about other things that can happen when I’m drinking and things. All this stuff is just not worth it after seeing BreakDown STL”

“I didn’t ever really think that I could actually say no about sexual stuff with the guys that I’ve gone out with. Thanks for making me realize that I don’t have to do anything unless I want to and not everyone will expect stuff from me. You guys are awesome!”

“I now have a different outlook on how things can impact your life. Now that I know how easily things can happen, I can make better decisions.”