Welcome To Our Living Room

We’re here for the in-between moments.

I would like to formally welcome you to our blog! Before I go any further, let me introduce myself. I’m Reagan Imergoot. My history with BreakDown STL includes four years as a dancer, two years on the Core Team as the Dance Captain, member of the OffStage startup team, current intern, and active alumnus.

As a senior at Missouri State University, my peers ask why I stay so heavily involved in an organization that focuses on high school students. My response?

The in-between moments.

Allow me to explain. In most of life, and especially with BreakDown STL, people see the highlight reel. These moments shine from an OnStage presentation, team bonding events, our social media presence… the list goes on. Don’t get me wrong -  these moments are incredibly special; however, it’s the in-between moments that keep drawing me back.

So … welcome to our “Living Room”. Here you’ll get a ringside seat into the non-highlight reel. You’ll be with us in victories I’m not sure I can adequately explain in writing. Like when:

  • A young girl accepts the truth that she doesn’t have to sleep with her boyfriend to have significance.

  • The high school jock makes the decision to stop using steroids to cheat the system.

  • The suicidal student courageously speaks up about her plan and vulnerably gets help.

  • Girls are told, maybe for the first time, they don’t have to starve to be beautiful.

  • Students step up to tell their peers it’s never too late for a second chance.

  • Lies are shattered.

  • Truth’s revealed.

  • Lives are transformed.

Right here we will share stories of real teens in the life-altering moments that keep me coming back!

So, please. Feel free to share what you find in our “Living Room”. Lives are being changed in the still, quiet moments and we plan to continue celebrating them.

Afterall, the world isn’t going to be changed by highlight reel.

Until Next Time,