Dear You

I’m in a season of sorting.

Sorting out lies I've been told and replacing them with truth that speaks directly to my identity as a daughter, pave-maker, and woman who is sprinting after my passions in this great big world. If I am being honest, it can be far too easy to sit back and be a watcher instead of a doer because, let’s face it, my life is less likely to be criticized as a watcher.

But, I don't want to sit back and watch the world change without being part of it.

I never want to catch myself sitting idly on the sidelines in an effort to protect myself from the criticism and push back that comes from boldly living in pursuit of what sets my soul on fire.

Can I get an amen?

I refuse to let myself pass up opportunities to grow - out of fear of becoming too much of a woman to be pursued. Sounds like a crazy thought; however, it is sad how often this lie is told to the ones who are living radically and unapologetically as this world tells us to fit a specific mold to feel valued and chosen.

A friend of mine recently sent me the following poem and I couldn't help thinking how fitting it is to this topic:


Dear You,

Sometimes, you'll just be too much of an individual.

Too smart.

Too alive.

Too strong.

Too much of something that makes others feel like less of them, which will start making you feel like you have to be less of you.

The biggest mistake you can make is removing jewels from your crown to make it easier for someone else to carry.

When this happens, I need you to understand you do not need a smaller crown - you need to be surrounded by people with bigger hands.


You are celebrated.

You are adored.

You are ecstatically chosen.

Never let anyone tell you otherwise.

Until Next Time,