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Carter is a 4th-year team member and 2nd-year drama captain! He attends Francis Howell High School,

where he is serving as DECA President, and loves participating in various school activities, whatever he

can. He is excited to spend his last year on the team, pouring into everyone while being prepared to go to

college and stand strong in his beliefs. He desires to share hope with all of STL and believes that

BreakDown is an amazing way to do that. He is so grateful for the growth he has experienced while being

on this team and is so expectant to see what will happen during this last year!




Myles is a senior at Marquette High School. He loves to go to the gym, hang out with friends, and play video games with his younger brother. He is also a huge fan of Marvel comics, and his favorite comic book character is Silver Surfer. Myles believes he's been most impacted by BreakDown STL in his growth of maturity and optimism. He has learned to not just look at things

in what could be a negative way but to keep an eye on the positive and adapt to make the best

of things when they don't go as planned.




Taylor is a Senior at Holt High School. This year on BreakDown STL, she is beyond excited to see how God will move in her community. This is Taylor’s third year on BreakDown STL; being

on the team, she has grown immensely in her relationship with Christ, leadership, boldness, and

confidence. She loves spending time with her cousins and three younger sisters and enjoys learning new things and doing anything in the sweet mountains of Colorado! This year she is honored to be the Holt High School STUCO President. Taylor also loves teaching kindergartners

at church and in school and finds so much joy in the community she has on BreakDown STL.

Elise Banks .JPG



Elise is a senior at Pattonville High School, and this is her 2nd year on the drama team. She loves Asian food, especially potstickers, and has a passion for baking. Elise is an editor for her school's newspaper and plans to study journalism after high school.

BreakDown has taught her to be a servant-hearted leader and grow in her identity in Christ. She is so excited to see how God uses this ministry to touch the lost and help those struggling. This year, Elise wants to grow more in her faith and be bold in order to make heaven crowded!




Catherine is a sophomore at North Point High School. She cannot wait to grow her faith more in-depth and be surrounded by other students with the same vision. BreakDown has been a wonderful, safe space for her to truly blossom. She is very excited about all the opportunities to serve in her community and genuinely matures as she grows into an adult. Catherine loves playing soccer for high school in the spring and dancing for NP all year round! In addition, she loves to bake and create pieces of art… and of course, ice cream cake is her favorite!




Bri is a sophomore at Holt High School, this is her second year on the drama team, and she loves every second of it. She loves playing volleyball and hanging out with her family.  

She has three sisters, one of which is also on BreakDown. This year Bri is excited to learn more about evangelism and how to do that in a school setting. She is also excited to dig deeper into her

relationship with God.




Adam is a Senior at Francis Howell High School, and this year is his third year on BreakDown. He loves to play guitar, skateboard, hang with friends, and read his Bible in his free time! Adam has grown so much in confidence as a leader while on the team, and he is excited to continue to be pushed out of his comfort zone for the sake of the Gospel! In his third year on

BreakDown, he has seen how the Lord used the ministry. He is looking forward to sharing Jesus with the lost and is eager to lean into what the Lord has for him this year!




Elijah is a freshman at New Life Academy. This is his first year on BreakDown, specifically on the drama team. He loves to play baseball and be active. He can be found with a fishing pole or In a deer blind with his dad and grandpa. He is a big fan of anything Star Wars and enjoys Sci-fi packed movies too. His experiences living in Haiti for five years have given him a different and unique perspective on life. The friendships he made influenced his life in a way that impacted

him forever.




Samantha is a senior at Holt High School, and this is her first year on the team. She enjoys being at the lake on the boat and wave runner, being active, and spending time with her family and friends. She is the Holt High School DECA president, on the varsity soccer team, and an active STUCO member. Samantha used to worry and overthink everything, but even in the first few months of being on BreakDown STL, Samantha has seen tremendous growth in herself, the relationships she has built, and her relationship with Jesus. This year, she's excited to continue building lifelong relationships, impact the upcoming generation, and grow in her walk with the Lord. She is so expectant for what is to come and can not wait to try new things outside her comfort zone.





Mariah is a Senior at Holt High School. She is obsessed with all things Disney and Fall! She loves to spend time with her family and friends, go for walks, and get Crumbl Cookie. Mariah also serves as the Holt Varsity Dance Team's captain and a company dance member at PAC. This is her fourth year on the team, and she is so expectant for God's plans for this ministry this year! Over the past four years, she has grown in her faith and broke off chains.

Mariah hopes to leave a lasting impact on her peers through her passion for dance while on





Maya is a senior at Fort Zumwalt North. This is her 4th year on the team as a dancer. She could not be more excited to take in all this year has for her, create stronger relationships and get into schools to talk to her peers. In her free time, she loves to spend time with friends and go on car rides with the music blasting and the windows down. She is also a competitive dancer and spends an abundance of her time dancing. She can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store for this year!





Sarah is a sophomore at Lindenwood University and is pursuing a degree in English Education. This is her third year on the team! Her hobbies include reading, running, and playing pickleball. Her favorite food is ice cream, and her favorite movie is Tangled! Being on BreakDown during college has been a huge encouragement for her, and she is so thankful to be surrounded by such a godly

community. This year, she is excited to develop her organizational and leadership skills further as she grows in her relationship with the Lord. She is STOKED to see what he has in store for this team!


Grace Brown_edited_edited.png



Gracie is a junior and is currently homeschooled. She is looking forward to developing skills on the Stage Crew and growing godly friendships with her fellow team members. This is her second year on the Stage Crew and Social Media teams. Gracie loves playing tennis, hiking, road trips, and spending time with her friends and family. BreakDown STL has empowered her to put her value in Christ, be vulnerable, and share the Gospel with her peers. She can’t wait to see what her future will hold for her and BreakDown STL!





Rebecca is a senior at Pattonville. This is her third year on BreakDown, and she is serving as a Peer Mobilizer Captain this year. You can find Rebecca running, playing soccer, and hiking in her free time. She is looking forward to being able to impact lives and reach the community this year. BreakDown has challenged her to grow in her faith and to have God-centered relationships around her. The impact that BreakDown has had on her life has brought her closer to Jesus, and she loves to see how BreakDown continuously affects those around her positively.




This is Sydney’s second year on the Peer Mobilizer team, and it is her JOY to be able to spend another year with BreakDown! She is a preschool teacher assistant for two different Christian schools in the St. Louis area and teaches gymnastics in her previous gym throughout the week. She loves long car rides, drawing & creating art with Jesus, and enjoying time with friends and family. She is expectant to see how the Lord will move in the lives of team members and BreakDown—along with the ripple effect it will have on the community this year. She is looking forward to partnering with the Lord and BreakDown to have BreakTHROUGH in St. Louis—which the Lord designed for greatness. Let Heaven come babyyyy!!!




Suzie is a Junior at Ursuline Academy, and this is her second year on the team! She is

excited to develop stronger relationships with the team members and appreciates

BreakDown's lessons. She loves all outside activities but hates bugs, and her favorite thing is to drink matcha. She is on the Ursuline field hockey and tennis teams. Through peer mobilizer training, she attributes BreakDown to broadening her comfort zone.




Jenna is a sophomore at Holt High School. This is her first year on BreakDown STL, and she is a Peer Mobilizer. She loves animals, the lake, worship, and triathlons! This year on BreakDown, Jenna is looking forward to developing lifelong relationships and growing in her love for Jesus. BreakDown STL has helped Jenna stand up for

Christ and represent Jesus.

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