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Tori Larner is a senior at St. Dominic High School, and this is her 3rd year on the Drama team. She loves Crumbl Cookies, boating, dogs, and Jesus! Before being on BreakDown, Tori used to worry about what others thought of her, but she’s now learned to be confident in what she believes in and how to be bold and speak up. She hopes to impact others through the BreakDown presentation and remind her peers that they’re never alone.




Myles is a sophomore at Marquette High School. He loves football, playing guitar, and video games! Throughout his time on BreakDown he has grown more confident in stepping out of his comfort zone and has developed long lasting friendships. This year, he cant wait to work hard and present to his peers.

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Carter is a captain of the Drama team this year. This is his third year on the team and he is a junior at Francis Howell High School. Carter is looking forward to developing new relationships and furthering the ones he already has through the team. He enjoys spending time with people and loves making people laugh. His favorite part about the team is the people he has met and the conversations he gets to have with his peers. He is super eager to serve alongside some amazing people and provide hope to the current generations of St. Louis.

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Elise is a junior at Pattonville High School where she is a part of the school’s newspaper and manages the basketball team. She is looking forward to developing new relationships that allow her to be a better team member, friend, and daughter. She is eager to grow her acting skills. Although this is Elise’s first year, BreakDown has already taught her to approach certain situations with a kind heart and ears to listen not just hear. BreakDown has also created an atmosphere where she is able to build forever friends and mentors that are there for her in difficult times. Elise is so excited to see what God has in store for BreakDown this year! 

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Taylor is a junior at Holt High School. This year on BreakDown STL she is looking forward to building lifelong relationships. Taylor wants to grow in being genuine and outward about her faith. This is Taylor’s second year on Breakdown STL; being on the team last year she grew in vulnerability, being outgoing, and grew in her relationship with the Lord. She loves spending time with her cousins and three younger sisters and enjoys playing sports, including soccer, volleyball, snowboarding, waterskiing, and swimming! She loves going to church, youth group, and Bible study at her school.

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Erica Geise is a second-year student at Maryville University studying communication disorders. She is also on Maryville’s collegiate dance team. This is Erica’s second year as part of the dance team on BreakDown and first year as dance captain. In her free time, she enjoys spending quality time with friends and family, playing with and teaching her dog new tricks, and dancing. She is excited to be able to use this platform to help continue to be a light to teens and others in her community. She’s looking forward to showing the love of God to others and seeing the impact BreakDown is going to make on families, communities, and cities through the power of God.

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Mariah Schulz is a junior at Holt High School. She is obsessed with all things Disney! She loves to spend time with her family and friends as well as go for hikes and travel. This is her third year on the team and she is so expectant for the plans that God has for this ministry this year! Over the past three years, she has been able to grow in her faith and break off chains. Mariah hopes to leave a lasting impact on her peers through her passion for dance while on BreakDown!

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Maya Elfrink is a junior at Fort Zumwalt North. Maya enjoys dancing, cooking, being outside, traveling, and hanging out with her friends. She dances at Inertia the School of Dance. This is her third year on BreakDown St. Louis. She looks forward to growing spiritually this year and can’t wait to do presentations and see the growth of the audience members. BreakDown has given Maya a community that she knows will always be there for her. She is excited to see what the future holds for BreakDown and the people that they impact.






Sarah is a freshman at Lindenwood University, and this is her second year on the team! She is looking forward to sharing the gospel with her peers and expanding her leadership skills. Sarah is pursuing a degree in English Education, her favorite movie is Tangled, and she has never eaten a cookie that she didn't like. She is happiest when driving with her windows down and her music all the way up, and she is a major fan of all things autumn. She couldn't be more excited to see what God has planned for this year!


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Gracie Brown is a sophomore and is currently home-schooled. She is looking forward to developing skills on the Stage Team and growing Godly friendships with her fellow team members. This is her first year, but BreakDown has already empowered her to put her value in Christ, be vulnerable, and share the Gospel with her peers. Gracie loves playing tennis, hiking, road trips, and spending time with her friends and family. She can’t wait to see what her future will hold for her and BreakDownSTL!


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Katelyn is a senior at Francis Howell High School where she is involved in HOSA, NHS, and Youth in Government. This year on BreakDown, she is looking forward to pouring into both team members and peers as a Peer Mentor Captain! One of the ways BreakDown has impacted her life is the friendships she has made. A few of her favorite things include going out for coffee, hiking, fishing, camping, and thrift shopping!

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Eva is a junior at Lafayette High School and is new to BreakDown. She is extremely excited to meet new people and spread the love of God with everyone she meets! Eva would love to grow in patience and selflessness. She has already learned so much through BreakDown about setting boundaries and what friendship should be. She loves writing music and using her musical talents to the best of her abilities, whether that’s learning new chords on guitar or a complicated song on the bass!

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Lizzie Thom is a senior at Eureka High School. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends, playing her guitar, and traveling. This year on Breakdown she is looking forward to presenting as a peer mentor about topics she is passionate about, getting to go back into the schools where she can build relationships and make new friends, and being a light for Jesus. This year she wants to grow in her ability to improv in uncomfortable or new situations. Being on BreakDown has taught her how to be a better presenter/public speaker, and has taught her how to be confident in herself and in who the Lord has made her to be.

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Anna is a senior at Fort Zumwalt West. She is involved in theatre, choir, and orchestra. Anna loves all things musical and can’t wait to be in BreakDown for her first year. She is so excited to grow more with her peers around her and in her relationship with Christ.

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Rebecca Simpkins is a junior at Pattonville. This is her second year on the Peer Mentor team. She is looking forward to being able to impact lives and to reach the community this year. BreakDown St. Louis has transformed her life drastically in the past year, she has been able to grow more into what God is calling on her life. BreakDown has challenged her to grow in her faith and to have God-centered relationships around her. The impact that BreakDown has had on her life has brought her closer to Jesus, and she loves to see how BreakDown continuously affects those around her positively.

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Layla Thornton is a second-year Peer Mentor on BreakDownSt. Louis. She attends Liberty High School and is a sophomore. She enjoys school, friends, family time, and lots of laughs! In Layla’s free time she enjoys staying busy by managing girls soccer, boys basketball, and football! Layla has grown a lot on BreakDown in the past two years, from her self-confidence to the way she holds conversations with adults, and has had the confidence to take the lead in any situation, she has transformed a lot. Glory to God. Layla is most looking forward to serving the people she’s on the team with this year and seeing the fruit from being obedient. 

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Adam is a junior at Francis Howell High School. He has a passion for music and he loves Jesus. In his free time, you can find him playing guitar, reading his bible, or hanging with his friends and family. Adam has built so many lifelong friends on the team already and he is so excited to share the gospel this year and grow more as a leader.

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Gracelyn Petrossian is a homeschooled senior dual-enrolling at Missouri Baptist University. She loves doing vocals on her church’s worship teams, playing and teaching piano, and doing anything in nature such as hiking or paddleboarding! This year Gracelyn is looking forward to creating sweet, long-lasting relationships as well as doing the Lord’s work, no matter how uncomfortable! Though this is her first year being on the team, she has already experienced the Lord working through this group specifically regarding prayer and how powerful a group is when they are grounded in purposeful prayer. Gracelyn thanks her Heavenly Father for this experience and is beyond thrilled to learn what a leader, rooted in humility, truly is!

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This is Sydney's first year and she is a part of the Peer Mentor Team! She just graduated from Lindbergh High school and is dedicating part of her gap year to be a part of Breakdown. She also works at a daycare and has just become a gymnastics instructor at her old gym. She is super excited to be a part of this group to help her grow in her faith and friendships. This year she hopes to explore God’s purpose for her life as she waits on what her next steps are. She enjoys going on long car rides while jamming out to music and hanging out with friends. Her favorite food is Sushi and she absolutely loves all shades of the color green. This is going to be such a fun year!




Suzie is a sophomore at Ursuline Academy. She loves playing tennis, hiking through nature, and hanging out with friends and family. Suzie is eager to see what God will show her through the Breakdown presentations. During her first year, Suzie can’t wait to cultivate meaningful relationships while growing in leadership and confidence.