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Taylor is a freshman at St. Charles Community College planning to study nursing. This year on BreakDown STL, she is so excited to see what the Lord will do in her community. This is Taylor’s fourth year on BreakDown STL and second year as BreakDown STL Drama Co-Captain; being on the team, she has grown in leadership, boldness, and love for ministry. She loves spending time with her cousins, three younger sisters, and best friends. She enjoys spending time outside, especially in the sweet mountains of Colorado or behind the boat on the lake! Taylor also loves teaching swim lessons and working in children’s church. She finds so much joy in her community on BreakDown STL and is so expectant for what is in store this year!




Bri is a junior at Holt High School; this is her third year on the drama team and first year as drama co-captain. Bri loves the opportunity that BreakDown STL has provided and can’t wait to see what will come. She loves playing volleyball and hanging out with her family. She has three sisters, one of whom is also on BreakDown! Bri is very excited to see how God will move in the community and on the team. She is also excited to grow in leadership, boldness, and the opportunity to serve others and grow in intimacy with the Lord.




Samantha is a Lindenwood University freshman majoring in marketing and minoring in religion. This is Samantha's second year on the Drama Team and first year as Care Team Lead and Team Assistant. In her free time, she LOVES being with her family and friends, on the lake wake surfing, going on adventures, and having intentional time with the people closest to her. Being on the team has pushed Samantha to step out of her comfort zone and fully surrender to the Lord. This year, Samantha is SO excited and expectant for what the Lord will do in and through her as He continues to refine her. She is excited to be present with the people around her, continue building strong relationships, and impact the rising generation. She is running with what the Lord has given her and is excited to see where it takes her.


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Elijah is a sophomore at Christian High School. He loves to play baseball and basketball and do anything related to the outdoors. He can be found with a fishing pole or in a deer blind with his dad and grandpa. He is a big fan of anything Star Wars and enjoys Sci-fi Superhero movies, too. His experiences living in Haiti for five years gave him a different and unique perspective on life. The friendships he made influenced him in ways that have impacted him forever. He has a heart for ministry and ministering to his generation. This is Elijah’s second year on BreakDown, specifically on the drama team. He looks forward to growing as a leader as a male veteran. Over the summer, his heart was set ablaze for Christ. This has ignited his passion to share the love of Jesus that he experienced tangibly. 




Liam McCarthy is a 19-year-old who graduated from high school in 2022. He eagerly looks forward to the year ahead and what God has in store, aiming to be a guiding light in his community through BreakDown. Liam enjoys spending time with friends, savoring delicious food, playing video games, rock climbing, exploring the world through travel, and riding his motorcycle. During high school, he enjoyed playing soccer and attending tech school. Now, he's ready to embrace new adventures and positively impact those around him while bringing glory to God!




Stan is a senior who attends South Tech High School. He loves to go to the gym, play basketball, pastel, and cook/eat food. He is excited to meet more Christian brothers and sisters and can’t wait to grow more with them and himself. He wants to be bolder in sharing the gospel and show the joy of Christ through everyday living. Through drama, he wants to learn to act and help peers who feel isolated and alone.

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Spencer is a junior at Francis Howell High School, and this is his first year on the drama team! He loves collecting and reselling sneakers, playing video games with his younger brother, and hanging out with friends and family. He also likes getting involved with school activities such as DECA. This year in BreakDown, he is looking forward to learning to evangelize more and having a group to support him in doing so. He wants to grow in his faith and relationship with God this year and increase his confidence when expressing his beliefs. He can't wait to share the Good News with others and see how God moves in their lives this year!

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Gabe Is excited to grow his relationship with God through BreakDown alongside other team members. Gabe is a junior and currently homeschooled. Gabe loves to play volleyball with his friends, and is always looking for opportunities to hang out with friends. When he is home, he likes to play video games or spend time with his family.




Emma is a freshman at Francis Howell High School. This is her first year on BreakDown STL, and she is so excited to see how the Lord will grow and use her to expand the kingdom!! She serves as a small group leader to her favorite third graders in Sunday school and often volunteers in her local community. Emma enjoys spending time with her family and friends and having fun through everything she does.  She loves loves loves being out in the sun, on paddle boards, swimming, hiking, baking, and eating ice cream! As Emma enters this new chapter in her life, entering high school and joining BreakDown, she looks forward to developing lifelong relationships and growing in her love for Jesus.




Imagine is a freshman this year, and it is her first year on BreakDown STL. She loves animals, hanging out with her friends, and playing sports. This year on BreakDown STL, Imagine looks forward to growing closer to God and making amazing relationships with BDSTL peeps. BreakDown STL has helped Imagine get out of her shell and speak up.


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Zoë Ervin is a senior at Wright City High School, where she is the dance team captain, senior class fundraising manager, STUCO member, and NHS member. She is also a company member of St. Charles Dance Co. She loves hanging out with her friends and family in her free time, baking, being active, and dancing. This will be her first year on the team, and she is so excited to see how the Lord will use her this upcoming year. She hopes to use her knowledge of the Lord to teach her peers and use it as an experience to grow as an individual.




This is Carley’s first year on BDSTL, and she’s doin’ the Dance Team! This girl loves the nations, dancing, and being super goofy. Carley is passionate about being genuine and raw- just real! God has created her to break religious norms. Carley is ready to be lovingly challenged by BreakDown to grow and mature in her walk with the Lord AND to grow as the powerful woman of God that the Lord has created her to be! 

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Cate K.


Cate is a Pattonville High School senior looking forward to dancing in college! She has been dancing for thirteen years but is just starting her dancing journey with BreakDown STL! She is very excited to have joined BreakDown this year and is already loving the new family she has! She hopes to grow closer to God this year and become more comfortable with who He made her to be!





Gracie is a senior and is currently homeschooled. This is her third year on the team. She looks forward to developing skills as the Stage Manager and Social Media Lead and growing godly friendships with fellow team members! Gracie loves to try new restaurants/foods, go on hikes, and all things Marvel! Gracie also plays tennis competitively and hopes to go into physical therapy after high school. BreakDown STL has empowered her to put her value in Christ, be vulnerable, and share the Gospel with her peers. She can’t wait to see what her future will hold for her and BreakDown STL!




Siler is a sophomore, currently homeschooling. He loves hanging out with his friends and playing volleyball, basketball, and piano. It is Siler’s first year on the team, joining the tech crew. He feels that BreakDown will significantly impact his life and is beyond excited to grow his personal relationship with Jesus and share him with others!


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Lily Miles is a freshman at Warrenton High School. She enjoys singing with her choir at her youth group and school; she also loves being in musicals and plays at her school. In this next year of BreakDown STL, Lily looks forward to making new connections and bringing people to the Lord. BreakDown Has impacted her in so many ways. I’m excited for this year of BreakDown STL and can’t wait to see what God has planned for this year.






Suzie is a senior at Ursuline Academy, where she is a student government member, helps manage her school’s coffee shop, and plays tennis. Suzie loves to travel, hike, and hang out with friends and family. BreakDown has given her the most incredible community, and she is thrilled for her third year on the team. Suzie is excited to see how God will move this year, and she is excited to share what gives her hope and joy! 




George is a 1st-year team member and is a junior who does online school. George is excited to watch the Lord move through BreakDown and how it will impact the community around him. George is also excited to develop new relationships. He appreciates BreakDown’s impact on his life and how it has inspired him to grow. George loves competitive tennis, traveling, the gym, and video games. 




Jenna is a junior at Holt High School. This is her second year on BreakDown St. Louis as a Peer Mobilizer, and she is so expectant to see the LORD continue to work! Being on the team has encouraged Jenna to truly seek God and put Him first. Jenna loves the ocean, mountains, and sunsets because it reminds her of God’s love for us and His creation that is out there waiting to be explored. She also loves skiing, animals, and racing in triathlons. Jenna does cross country and swims with her school and is also a High School Tri Club member. Being plugged into the community has provided Jenna with opportunities to be bold in her faith, and BreakDown St. Louis has helped Jenna own her identity in the LORD. Jenna is excited to deepen her relationship with God this year and continue growing boldly to further God’s kingdom.

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Joella is a junior, and this will be her first year serving as a Peer Mobilizer. She is delighted to walk through this new door the Lord has opened as she knows that it is one of the good works He has prepared in advance for her to do. She looks forward to growing in her spiritual maturity as she shares the unconditional love of Jesus with a lost and broken world; she is super excited to do this with a community of believers who hold the same values as herself. In her free time, you will find Joella practicing her violin and piano or spending time with friends and family, which are some of her favorite things to do! 




This is Sydney’s third year as a Peer Mobilizer and second year as Prayer Team Lead and she is looking forward to a whole new year with BreakDown!! Sydney graduated from Lindbergh High School in ‘21 and, to her delight, has worked full-time as a preschool teacher since. She loves driving, listening to music, spending time in nature (recently, she has loved forests and lakes), and dancing for freedom. BreakDown has immensely impacted learning to trust God and get out of her comfort zone for the sake of Kingdom Come. She has also started to cherish the value of vulnerability and honor because of BreakDown culture. Sydney is in awe of the cultivation of this year’s team and is so expectant for the impact and growth BreakDown will have as we continue to pursue the King and his Kingdom’s ways. We will make room for you, Jesus!!! 

2 Corinthians 7:14 Heal our land, Abba 

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Keeran is a junior in high school and loves being homeschooled! This is Keeran's first year on the Peer Mobilizer team, and she is so excited to bond with her fellow team members. Keeran participates in her church softball league and loves being a good sport! She loves volleyball, being with friends, and anything that is outdoors. Keeran is also adventurous and loves traveling and being pushed out of her comfort zone! BreakDown has taught Keeran more about who she is and how to live, laugh, and love! 

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Caitlin is a senior at Ursuline Academy, and this is her first year on the team! She loves sunsets, coffee, cuddling babies, praise, and worship music. Caitlin looks forward to creating amazing relationships with others on the team and seeing how the Lord will move through her as she starts her journey on BreakDown. She is eager to see how lives will be impacted, just like hers, as she works to help bring awareness to the challenges that teens face today. She can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store for her this year! 

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Charis Riggs is a sophomore at Wright City High School, a local and district officer for Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA), and one of the leaders for Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA). She is an active member of HOSA, STUCO (student council), and Key Club. She is also a Varsity/JV cheerleader at Wright City High School and is on the track and field team. One of the things Charis is looking forward to this next year on BreakDown is to be part of an organization that strives to show the love of Christ to others. Charis can’t wait to grow her relationship with Christ and with others this year! She loves music, dance, and quality time with friends. 

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