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Sarah is a senior at Lindenwood University. She is an English major with a minor in Secondary Education. She was on BreakDown STL for three years as a Tech Team member, Stage Manager, and Social Media Team Lead. She also served as a Summer Outtern in 2023 and is the current Summer Intern. She loves reading, writing, and playing pickleball. She is deeply passionate about learning and is honored to disciple this year’s team! The Lord has blessed her immensely through her time with BreakDown, and she cannot wait to see how he continues to use the ministry to glorify his name.


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Taylor is in Nursing School at St. Charles Community College and is planning to be a missionary. This summer on BreakDown STL, she is so excited to pour back into her legacy of building up disciples of Jesus and disciple-makers. Taylor was on the BreakDown STL team for four years, spending two years as a Drama Co-Captain. Being on the team, she has grown in leadership, boldness, and love for ministry. She loves spending time with her close family and friends. In addition, she enjoys spending time outside, especially in the sweet mountains of Colorado or behind the boat on the lake! Taylor also loves playing piano and guitar and getting coffee with people. She finds so much joy in her community on BreakDown STL and is so expectant for how God is going to move!




Gracie is a freshman at Maryville University and is majoring in Physical Therapy. Gracie was on the team for three years, including one year as Stage Manager and Social Media Team Lead, and is currently a Summer Outtern. Gracie loves to try new restaurants/foods, go on hikes, and all things Marvel! Gracie also plays tennis on her college team. BreakDown STL has empowered her to put her value in Christ, be vulnerable, and share the Gospel with her peers. She is so grateful to be spending her summer as an Outtern and being a part of BreakDown STL!




As Suzie Outterns for BreakDown this summer, she is expectant for all the ways she will see God move. She contributes growth in faith, leadership, relationships, and more to the opportunities the team has provided, and Suzie is excited to witness how God will continue to use this ministry. She is looking forward to spending the summer with the team before she leaves for Notre Dame in the fall.




Samantha Wainscott is a senior at Lindenwood University where she is majoring in marketing and minoring in religion. She spent two years on the team with her second year as the Team Assistant. Samantha loves being outside in the sun, working out, going to church, or spending quality time with those she loves. She also has a big heart for missions! She loves seeing people grow and have a greater desire for the Lord and His Word. This summer, Samantha is excited to pour back into the ministry as she challenges, encourages, and champions the new team. She is so excited to see the team grow into disciples making disciples making disciples. The Lord is going to move on this team and she is honored to witness it!

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